World of Coffee Budapest

13.06.2017 - 15.06.2017
Hungexpo, Albertirsai út 10
1101 Budapest, Ungarn

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World of Coffee App

Who is exhibiting where? What is going on when? You will find all the answers and much more on the World of Coffee App. The App combines schedules, background info, a live news feed, and fun activities. Check it out and have everything you need for World of Coffee in the palm of your hand!

World Brewers Cup

Many competitors worldwide competed on a national level to be able to represent their home nation at a world stage. Welcome to the World Brewers Cup! This is all about extracting the perfect coffee using filter methods and the finest coffee selections on the globe. Be part of the community and learn much more about the latest inventions, latest recipes and get to know the World Brewers Cup participants at the Word Coffee Events stage

World Latte Art Championship

The most artsy competition in the coffee community. Who will be able to win this year’s World Latte Art Championship? As many competitors as never before will compete at World of Coffee Budapest to earn their spot in the finals and finally triumph and take the trophy home with them. Be part of the competition, see how the finest Baristas of the world make their coffee and be inspired by their designs.

World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

The World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship promotes innovative beverage recipes that showcase coffee and spirits in a competition format.
This competition highlights the barista/barkeeper’s mixology skills in a setting where coffee and alcohol go perfectly together. From the traditional Irish coffee (with whiskey and coffee), to unique cocktail combinations

World Cup Tasters Championship

The World Cup Tasters Championship awards the professional coffee cupper who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees. Coffees of the world have many distinct taste characteristics and in this competition format the objective is for the cupper to discriminate between the different coffees.

Seminar Rooms

Given the massive success from Dublin, the World of Coffee will host once again two Seminar Rooms at the same time. One Seminar Room to be dedicated to Coffee Science, while the other one to Coffee Business. The Seminar Rooms are open to all who are interested but participants must register online before as only limited places are available. Keep an eye on this page, details to follow soon!

The Cupping Room

Made for cupping coffees, the Cupping Room will be hosting coffee cuppings every day throughout World of Coffee. There will be some cuppings that are publicly available whereas others are closed for registered people. Check the schedule to find out when public cuppings are happening.

Sustainability Forum

In its second year, the Sustainability Forum will have a list of exciting speakers from within or closely related to the coffee community. Find out all about interesting, visionary and amazing projects that are being realized in the coffee community. Get inspired, meet experts and take action towards a sustainable coffee community.

The Shop

Interested in the latest books, posters and accessories from the coffee world? Find a wide selection of coffee tools, equipment and books for the Coffee Diploma System. ​


The Barista Guild of Europe can be found close to the Sustainability Form. Meet the team behind the BGE as well as fellow baristas. See what has been happening in the last year and find out what is coming up this year. Be part of the barista community and get engaged. The BGE Team is looking forward to seeing you!


Come and say ‘hi’ to our newest guild, the Roaster Guild of Europe. What is it all about? How to get involved and who can be contacted? Find out all about the Roaster Guild of Europe at World of Coffee in Budapest!

IWCA Breakfast

The International Women’s Coffee Association, is organising the IWCA Breakfast. During the breakfast interesting speeches will be given on topics relating to gender and coffee. The breakfast presents very good opportunity to meet active women in coffee, at origin as well as in consuming countries. A registration is needed to attend.

New Product of the Show Awards

Showcasing the best of the best in product design and innovation, the New Product of the Show Awards demonstrate this year’s leading product releases from throughout the speciality coffee community. Stay tuned for the official launch of the Awards!

Brew Bar

In the need for a coffee or just in search of new coffees to try? You are more than welcome to try out different brewing methods and coffees (which will change throughout World of Coffee) at the Brew Bar. Here, volunteer baristas will serve you coffee throughout the event using a huge variety of filter methods.

Espresso Bar

On the hunt for an espresso? Find your way to the Espresso Bar! Here different espresso based beverages are served by volunteer baristas, ranging from espresso, to cappuccino and flat white. Come to the Espresso Bar, try different coffees and styles of serving espresso.

The Village

Meet roasters, farmers, cafes owners and manufacturers from around the world. The Village is the space at World of Coffee where you will find all of this in one spot. If you want to have a snapshot of what is going on in the speciality coffee community, then the Village is the place for you.